Probus Christmas Lunch 2011
The Chadwick Hotel  -  Thursday 15 December


As is now usual, the Chadwick Hotel was the venue for the St Annes-On-The-Sea Probus Club Christmas Lunch of 2011.  Only 85 members and guests booked (and, of those, five were unfortunately unable to attend on the day); the lowest attendance figure ever, probably, but also one of the most enjoyable events from what people said to me.

The raffle, which has been a feature of these lunches for many years, was disposed of this year.  For the last two years it has added 60 to the bill, but it only provided entertainment for the few minutes of the draw and only six people (at the most) were likely to benefit from the three prizes.  The Committee looked around for some sort of alternative entertainment without any success, until Roy Winter volunteered to write and perform a monologue in rhyme, describing Committee members in comic verse - a proposition which the Committee nervously accepted!

So special thanks this year must go to Roy, who really made the event different and memorable!  We all sat back and enjoyed it and it had the longest round of applause I can remember at any function I've ever been to!  Roy has even agreed to his script being made available on the web for all to enjoy.  To see it, please click on the link below -

Roy Winter's Christmas Lunch Monologue

As last year, we were unable to have our President with us: Harold had had an accident at home a week before the day of the Lunch, which hospitalised him.  And, in the same way that Harold as VP last year had stood in for Stuart Westley, so our current VP Keith Barlow and his wife Mavis very capably stepped into the breach and performed all the duties.  Mavis accepted the traditional gift of a bouquet of flowers, charmingly presented by Zanna Willey.

As well as acting as President for the day, Keith had, as usual, also printed all the tickets and individual menu cards, for which we give our grateful thanks.  With so much to do as Acting President, he was unable to be the official photographer as well, so Eric Burrell took over that role.  Some of his work can be seen below.

Make a note in your new diary - the date for the Christmas Lunch next year is Thursday 13 December 2012.

Cliff Elliott


Mrs Mavis Barlow, wife of VP Keith Barlow, accepting the bouquet


The Social Secretary introducing Roy Winter

Roy Winter delivers his Comic Verse to great applause

Mrs Mavis Barlow and Mr Keith Barlow (Vice President)

Mrs Pamela Elliott, Mr Cliff Elliott (Social Secretary), Mrs Mavis Barlow and Mr Keith Barlow (Vice President)

Mr Geoff Hayman (Speaker Secretary), Mrs Mavis Barlow, Mr Keith Barlow (Vice President) and Mrs Jeanne Hayman