The Probus Club of St Annes-on-the-Sea

Vic Hopper
9th March 1927 - 10th July 2012

Vic died suddenly and peacefully on Tuesday morning 10th July.  He was 85.  A Probus member since 1992, he had been a regular at our weekly meetings for twenty years and he and his wife Marian were always present at the Christmas Lunch.  Vic was a very quiet man and has been described as a real gentleman.

Vic was a sidesman at St. Annes Parish Church, where his funeral was held on 23rd July.

Vic was born in Southport and educated at King George V School there, later attending day release and night school courses at Southport Technical College.

He was an engineer and worked for English Electric at Stevenage, then Accrington and Preston and, when the firm became BAe, he worked for them at Preston and then Warton, where he was in the stress department, working at one time with Werner Conn.

Vic was married three times.  His first wife with whom he had one son died when she was 32.  His second wife, with whom he had one daughter, died when she was 49.  He married Marian, his third wife, in 1993.  He leaves six grandchildren and five great grandchildren.


In this photograph, taken by Jim Spencer at the 2001 Christmas Lunch at the Chadwick, Vic is at the far left opposite his wife Marian.  Eddie Horner (who died in March 2011) is behind her.