The Probus Club of St Annes-on-the-Sea

Douglas Evans
21 April 1926 - 17 October 2012

Doug was born in Market Street, Finsbury, London, not far from St. Paul's Cathedral and was proud of the fact that he was therefore a Cockney.  He was 13 when World War II started and at first was evacuated to Luton for a short time. Back in London and being a member of the Boy Scouts he was recruited to be a boy messenger delivering messages for the emergency services by bicycle.  By the time he was old enough for the armed services, the war was almost over but he did National Service in the Army, at one time being posted to the devastated Berlin.  A few years later he married but his wife died at the age of 32 and he was left with three sons.  His second marriage was to Margaret who survives him and they had a further two children.  Most of his working life was spent as an electrician for British Telecom and he became the elected representative for his trade union.  He frequently came to Blackpool for Trade Union conferences and so liked the area that, when he retired, he and Margaret chose to live here.  He took up bowling and made many friends among the players.

Doug was born on the same day as the Queen who chose to mark her 80th birthday by inviting those with the same birth date to lunch at Buckingham Palace.  Doug was one of those people who were very quiet until you got him talking, and Margaret says that when the Queen spoke to them, an attendant had to eventually usher her royal highness away while Doug was in full flow!

He was a Probus member for many years and rarely missed a meeting but, in recent years, was unable to attend due to his failing health.