The Probus Club of St Annes-on-the-Sea

Fred 'Bo' Allsopp
? - 18 March 2010

"Bo" Allsop died on Thursday 18th March 2010.  He had been far from well since falling off a roof and from then had endured a long period of illness.  He had been a member of Probus since 1998 and regularly attended the meetings where he would sit quietly and wait for the start.  With his wife Judith, he rarely missed a Christmas lunch.  It was ill-health which meant he did not renew his membership for the season just ending.

He was a Blackpool man and was proprietor of the Cloverleaf garage in Squires Gate Lane - a business now run by his chief engineer.

He once said that his nickname originated from his early childhood when his father often hid behind a door and popped out, saying "bo!" as he passed which led him to think that that was his name.

Geoff Hayman