The Probus Club of St Annes-on-the-Sea

Bill Ellis
4th February 1927 - 8th December 2016 (89)

Bill, whose full name was William Ewart Ellis was born in Blackpool, the son of a dentist.  He was educated at Baines Grammar School and after a year of studying dentistry at university he decided the profession was not for him and in 1945 chose to do his National Service.

He was allocated to the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) and spent some of the time in Hong Kong.

Back in civilian life he turned to accountancy, aiming to become a Chartered Accountant.  For five years his father paid for Billís training and he eventually qualified.  He spent his business life with such firms as Telefusion, later earning a living as a lecturer on the subject.

In 1954 he married Lilian and they had two sons.  Lilian died in 2007.  Bill retired in 1986 and joined Probus in 2004.  He was our Treasurer from 2005 to 2012.  He had acted as treasurer for the local Boy Scout movement and they were prominently represented at his funeral.

Geoff H