The Probus Club of St Annes-on-the-Sea

 Arthur Davison
5 February 1931 - 24 May 2016

Arthur was born in Plaistow, East London, one of two brothers.  At the outbreak of World War II he was evacuated to Oxford but returned to London and later got a job with the local council.  After that he worked for Guardian Assurance in one of their London offices.  When his department was moved to Lytham in the 1960s he came with them and had a house in Kilgrimol Gardens.  He was by then married with two daughters, but his wife died in 1973.  He remarried in 1997.

He joined our Probus Club in 2001 and on numerous occasions was our chairman for the day.  His attendance at our meetings declined when his health deteriorated in later years and he became a victim of Parkinsonism and later cancer which required an operation to his mouth.

GFH June 2016