Probus Christmas Lunch 2015
The Chadwick Hotel  -  Thursday 10 December


Many thanks to all who came to this year's Christmas Lunch and for supporting our Club in this way.  I think we were all rewarded by one of the most enjoyable Probus Christmas events for many years, to judge by the comments I heard after it was all over.  A particularly good lunch, excellent entertainment and fellowship and all at a very affordable price to us Poor Pensioners!

I wrote the above paragraph to introduce the page of photographs last year and find every word of it still true, so it bears repeating.  Sadly, we again established a record low in attendance - only 64 this time in spite of bringing the date forward a little to separate it further from Christmas itself.  However, the lower attendance wasn't attributable to a lack of enthusiasm for the event - we particularly missed our Past President Les Hall and Kath because of Les's serious operation and I know of several others who were unable to come because the date clashed with lunches with other organisations.

Geoff Hayman, our Speaker Secretary, entertained us all again after lunch, as is fast becoming a tradition!  Everybody thoroughly enjoyed his comedy, the only complaint I heard being that it was over far too quickly.

Again, very many thanks to everybody who supported the Lunch and special thanks to Keith Barlow who printed the souvenir menus and was again our photographer, to Geoff Hayman for willingly being our standup Comedian, to Mike Bell for taking all the bookings and paying the bills and to Matthew Willey, who can always be relied on as MC.

"When's the next one?" I hear you all ask.    Thursday 8 December 2016.    It'll be here before you know it!

Cliff Elliott
Social Secretary


1) President John Longstaff and his Lady, Brenda Holt.


2) President John Longstaff and his Lady, Brenda Holt.


3) With Speaker Secretary Geoff Hayman and Jeanne.

4) With Social Secretary Cliff Elliott and Pamela.


5) With Past President Eric Burrell and Joy.


6) With Committee Member James Fawcett and Wendy.


7) With Committee Member John Regan and Joyce.


8) With Life Member Gerry Goss and Eileen Wrigley.


9) With Ken and Lynda Moss


10) The Social Secretary announces the entry of the President and his Lady.


11) The President proposes a Toast.


12) Secretary Matthew Willey, as always, our MC.


13) President John Longstaff''s address.


14) President John Longstaff''s address.


15) The Social Secretary presents the President's Lady with a bouquet.


16) The Speaker Secretary entertains!


17) Fun with Past President Eric Jones, Treasurer Mike Bell and Past President Geoffrey Gee.