Probus Christmas Lunch 2014
The Chadwick Hotel  -  Thursday 18 December


Many thanks to all who came to this year's Christmas Lunch and for supporting our Club in this way.  I think we were all rewarded by one of the most enjoyable Probus Christmas events for many years, to judge by the comments I heard after it was all over.  A particularly good lunch, excellent entertainment and fellowship and all at a very affordable price to us Poor Pensioners!

Numbers were down this year to 71, surprisingly, but three couples were unable to make it on the day (of which two were unfortunately taken ill at the last moment, meaning that we couldn't refund them).

Geoff Hayman, our Speaker Secretary, entertained us all after lunch.  We sat back and enjoyed very much his readings of extracts from tombstones, from the sublime to the ridiculous!  It's amazing how funny some of these epitaphs can be, and how strange that people would want to carve them into stone for eternity.

The traditional bouquet of flowers was very graciously accepted by the Presidentís Lady, Mrs Kath Hall.  She gave an extremely good off-the-cuff speech of thanks which was very well received, but then she must be getting good at this because last year she stood in for the then President Mike Glassock's Lady, who had been unable to attend!

Very many thanks to everybody who supported the Lunch and special thanks to Keith Barlow who printed the souvenir menus and was again our photographer, to Geoff Hayman for being our standup Comedian, to Mike Bell for taking all the bookings and paying the bills and to Matthew Willey, who can always be relied on as MC.

If you were one of the lucky participants and enjoyed it as much as most seem to have, then why not spread the word and convince others around you to come as well next time.  I can even give you the date for them to put in their diary - Thursday 17 December 2015.

Cliff Elliott
Social Secretary


1) President Les Hall and his Lady, Mrs Kath Hall.


2) The President addresses the members and their Guests.


3) President Les Hall and Kath, with Vice President John Longstaff.

4) Social Secretary Cliff Elliott presents Mrs Kath Hall with a bouquet.


5) President Les Hall and Kath, with Past President Eric Burrell and Joy.


6) Speaker Secretary Geoff Hayman entertains!


7) President Les Hall and Kath, with Secretary Matthew Willey and Gill


8) President Les Hall and Kath, with Treasurer Mike Bell and Ann.


9) President Les Hall and Kath, with Jim Fawcett and Wendy.


10) President Les Hall and Kath, with Elfyn Gittins and Sylvia.


11) President Les Hall and Kath, with Social Secretary Cliff Elliott and Pamela.


12) President Les Hall and Kath, with Ray Leveson and Peggy, and the Chadwick's own Christmas Fairy.


13) President Les Hall and Kath, with John Regan and Joyce.


In memory of Bill O'Connor, seen here with Audrey at last year's Christmas Lunch.