The Probus Club of St-Annes-on-the-Sea

President's Evening 2019 with Elfyn Gittins  

Friday 8th March 2019 at Lytham Hall
photographs by Keith Barlow
The President's Evening is an annual event in which your President invites all Past Presidents, Life Members and Committee Members to join him for an evening dinner.  Since the function doesn't benefit the whole Membership it cannot draw on Club funds so has to be paid for in full by the participants, although any surplus does go to the Club.

This year Lytham Hall was chosen for the venue  - for the third time in succession - by our President Elfyn Gittins and Elfyn managed to persuade Pat Ascroft to entertain us after the buffet lunch.  An absolutely perfect choice, as she is so popular and well known by all our members and their Ladies.

Joyce and VP John Regan, Les Hall and Dave Brumby President Elfyn Gittins

Eileen Wrigley with Gerry Goss Elfyn and Sylvia Gittins

Eric and Joy Burrell Wendy and James Fawcett

Mike and Ann Bell Margaret Brumby, Kath Hall and Pamela Elliott

Mavis Barlow and Eileen Wrigley Geoff and Jeanne Hayman

Geoffrey Gee Cliff Elliott and Tony Sharpe

Pat Ascroft