The Probus Club of St-Annes-on-the-Sea

President's Evening 2013


Monday 4th March 2013 - 7:00pm for 7:30pm
at the Bedford Hotel

photographs by Keith Barlow

The President's Evening (formerly known as The President's Get-Together) is an annual event in which your President invites all Past Presidents, Life Members and Committee Members to join him for an evening dinner.  Since the function doesn't benefit the whole Membership it cannot draw on Club funds so has to be paid for in full by the participants, although any surplus does go to the Club.

President Keith Barlow with Mavis Quizmaster Brian Johnstone

Quiz team: Dave and Margaret Brumby; Les and Kath Hall Quiz team: Cliff and Pamela Elliott; Joy and Eric Burrell

Quiz team: Bill Ellis, Matthew Willey, Don Hill and Roy Winter Quiz team: Eric and Jean Jones, Geoffrey Gee and Margery Spencer . . .

. . . needing a little help?
Quiz team: Mike Glassock, Geoff and Jeanne Hayman and Gerry Goss

Quiz team: Bill and Audrey O'Connor, Gill Willey and Harold Stokes Cliff and Pamela Elliott

Eric and Joy Burrell

As is traditional on these occasions, the President provided entertainment for us all after the dinner with a quiz, carefully crafted on his behalf by Brian Johnstone.  Since neither Keith, Mavis nor Brian could take part in the quiz, that left 24 participants who were split into six teams of four.  Writing this some weeks later I can't remember now who won, but it doesn't matter because we all had a lot of fun taking part!

The Quiz Teams


Team 1 -

Team 2 -

Eric Jones
Jean Jones
Geoffrey Gee
Margery Spencer

Don Hill
Bill Ellis
Roy Winter
Matthew Willey

Team 3 - Team 4 -

Les Hall
Kath Hall
Dave Brumby
Margaret Brumby

Cliff Elliott
Pamela Elliott
Eric Burrell
Joy Burrell

Team 5 -

Team 6 -

Bill O'Connor
Audrey O'Connor
Gill Willey
Harold Stokes

Geoff Hayman
Jeanne Hayman
Gerry Goss
Mike Glassock


Quizmasters / Question Setters -

Brian Johnstone
Keith Barlow
Mavis Barlow