The Probus Club of St-Annes-on-the-Sea

President's Evening 2012

Monday 5th March 2012 - 7:00pm for 7:30pm
at the Bedford Hotel

photographs by Keith Barlow

The President's Evening (formerly known as The President's Get-Together) is an annual event in which your President invites all Past Presidents, Life Members and Committee Members to join him for an evening dinner.  Since the function doesn't benefit the whole Membership it cannot draw on Club funds so has to be paid for in full by the participants, although any surplus does go to the Club.

Geoffrey Gee and Marjorie Spencer
Eric Burrell, Jim and Wendy Fawcett; Joy Burrell

Norman Parker and Doreen President Harold Stokes; Eric and Jean Jones

Eric and Jean Jones Les and Kath Hall

Gill and Matthew Willey; President Harold Stokes Ted and Marie Walker

Pamela and Cliff Elliott Jeanne and Geoff Hayman

Bill and Audrey O'Connor; Geoff and Jeanne Hayman

Bill Ellis President Harold Stokes

Matthew Willey Bill and Audrey O'Connor

Full list of all 30 attendees:

Keith Barlow   Publicity Secretary
Mavis Barlow
Dave Brumby
Margaret Brumby
Eric Burrell   Past President
Joy Burrell
Cliff Elliott   Social Secretary
Pamela Elliott
Bill Ellis   Treasurer
Jim Fawcett
Wendy Fawcett
Geoffrey Gee   Past President
Marjorie Spencer
Les Hall
Kath Hall
Geoff Hayman   Speaker Secretary
Jeanne Hayman
Don Hill   Past President
Eric Jones   Past President
Jean Jones
Bill O’Connor   Registrar
Audrey O'Connor
Norman Parker   Past President
Doreen Parker
Ted Walker   Life Member
Marie Walker
Roy Winter
Matthew Willey   Secretary
Gill Willey
Harold Stokes   President