Probus Committee 2010 - 2011

a group photo in
March 2011, with names

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President, Vice President and Immediate Past President -

President Vice President Immediate Past President

Rev Stuart Westley Harold Stokes

Rev Robert Wells

The President for this term, the Reverend Stuart Westley, was sadly unable to attend any meetings at all during his Presidential term because of serious illness, occurring soon after his inauguration.  His duties throughout the term were fulfilled by the Vice President, Harold Stokes.


Officers -



Speaker Secretary

Matthew Willey

Bill Ellis

Geoff Hayman


Publicity Officer

Social Secretary

Bill O'Connor 

Keith Barlow

Cliff Elliott


Life Members -

Life Member

Life Member

Ted Walker

Gerry Goss


Committee -

Past President Committee Member Past President

Eric Burrell John Longstaff Geoffrey Gee

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Michael Notman Roland Jones Roy Winter