Probus  -  St Annes-on-the-Sea


25 February 1971 - the inaugural meeting of the St Annes-on-the-Sea Probus Club.  Seated at the front L to R are Sir Herbert Pollard CBE (our first President), the Mayor and Sir William Cocker (who was to follow him as President).

Newspaper cutting from February 1971.
DECEMBER 1977 - Christmas Lunch at the St Ives Hotel.  L to R: Edgar Rothwell, Mrs Rothwell, Sir William Cocker, Lady Cocker, AH Mitchell, Mrs V Mitchell.  Sir William Cocker was the only President to have served for more than one year: he reigned for six, from 1972 to 1976.

The origin of the wall plaque bearing the names of all of the Past Presidents.


Date unknown, but Victor Middleton and (incorrectly-identified) Roger Spencer in this photograph were both Life Members who died in 2009.


Christmas Lunch 1985.
Back row: David Burdekin (Registrar), Eddie Walter (Vice President), Harry Mason (President), Geoffrey Read (Secretary), Roger Spencer (Treasurer), Clifford Mann (Publicity).
Front row: Dorothy Burdekin, Mavis Walter, Mrs Mason, Gladys Read, Margery Spencer.
Christmas Lunch 1988, Chadwick.

1999 (presumed Christmas Lunch).
Back row: George Broadhurst, Geoff Hayman, Cyril Cooper, Stan Allebon, Syd Knight, Eric Jones, Eric Mortimer, Bernard Harrison, Gerry Goss, Barry Tyler, Ted Walker, Norman Parker.
Front row:
Roger Spencer, Eddie Walter, Geoffrey Read, Victor Middleton, Jim Spencer.

Victor Middleton is made a Life Member.  The date isn't shown in the archives but, from Vic's age, it must have been around 2002.

Alice and Victor's 60th Wedding Anniversary